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How much money do you spend on disposable pads and tampons?

Don't know? You can use the calculator below to work out how much disposables are costing you.


Simply enter in your age, how many pads/tampons you use each cycle and the cost of the pads/tampons. Use your tab key to move between the boxes.

Your age?
Number of pads/tampons you use per cycle?
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Total number of pads/tampons per lifetime:
Total cost of pads/tampons per lifetime: $$$


It adds up pretty quick and that's money that you could be spending on something else far more enjoyable.


You can save lots of money just be switching to cloth pads. They are easy to use and your body and the earth will thank you for it.


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Using cloth pads is easy...

Using Cloth Pads is Easy

1. Place the pad onto the gusset of panties

2. Wrap the wings around gusset

3. Clip wings together

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