Pleasure Puss Cloth Menstrual Sanitary Pads and Panty Liners for Menstruation and Stress Incontinence
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What's in it for Me?

Good question - you think its convenient to use use disposables and it may not be something that you've thought alot about, so why should you think about changing now?

There are lots of resons why the cloth alternative is better...

  • Get rid of irritation, itching or allergic reactions

    Many women suffer from allergic reactions to conventional disposables - itchyness and irritation, due to the chemicals and superabsorbant gels used in dispoasables. Pleasure Puss™ menstrual pads are constructed so that the layers closest to your very sensitive skin are natural cloth. So they feel similar to wearing cotton underwear - more comfort and less irritation.
  • Super slim profile

    Forget old style bulky towelling pads. Ours are superslim so you don't have to put up with any extra bulges where you don't need them.

  • Absorbent and comfortable

    The ultra thin core and stay dry comfort layer ensures that these pads absorb effectively and keep you feeling comfortable. Our New 'Dry Touch' fabric wicks even quicker making sure you feel drier.

  • Leakproof Layer

    You can feel secure knowing that each Pleasure Puss™ cloth pads has a special leakproof layer that runs the whole length and breadth of the pad making sure that your clothes will not get stained.

  • Care is easy and guilt free

    Just soak, wash and dry. I would tell you more but really it is that simple.

  • No glues and No accidental bikini waxing

    No matter what type of underwear you prefer, the Pleasure Puss™ range all employ width adjustable press studs to fit different types of gussets and stay securely in place. Unlike the adhesives on disposables - our studs cannot stick to your pubic hair. OUCH!

  • No need to search for cloth pad bits

    Unlike other cloth pads, you don't have to waste time searching for all the bits or figuring out how to put the pad together. Your Pleasure Puss is whole, in one piece and super easy to attach to your underwear.

  • You'll Save Money!

    You will save money - to see how much use our nifty calculator.

  • Good quality workmanship and durability

    You can expect your Pleasure Puss menstrual pads to easily last for 3 - 5 years as long as you follow the simple care instructions. We know of some customers who have had their pads for 7 years.

  • Save time by always having pads available to use

    Forget having to run to the supermarket every time you run out of disposables. With cloth, all you need to do is grab one when you need one. Fresh, clean and ready to go ~ every time.

  • Choose from a variety of colors and sizes

    Don't like white? You can select colours or patterns instead.

  • No Risk Trial

    Try our cloth menstrual pads for yourself for 3 months - if you aren't completely satisfied with their performance - return your pads for a 100% refund (excludes postage).

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Using cloth pads is easy...

Using Cloth Pads is Easy

1. Place the pad onto the gusset of panties

2. Wrap the wings around gusset

3. Clip wings together

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