Pleasure Puss Cloth Menstrual Sanitary Pads and Panty Liners for Menstruation and Stress Incontinence
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What women everywhere are saying about Pleasure Puss Wash 'n 'Wear Pads

"Hi Nadia, I have to say that the Pleasure Puss experience has been exactly that - very Pleasurable!! I have not felt so comfortable during my period for years - and it is really nice to not have to pay so much for pads every month. I am extremely happy with them, they are really easy to look after, and I am trying to convert all of my friends :) I couldn't be happier with the service I got from you guys, I will definitely be ordering some more in the near future :) Thank you for such a great product! Kind regards, Anjoli"

"Dear NadiaI am absolutely thrilled with your service, thank you. The pleasure puss pads are great, I am a complete convert, no more disposable pads for me. I have recommended your site to others who are interested & would be happy to do so again. I find them easy to wear & to wash. I have never been able to wear tampons so I was happy to find a comfortable & enviromentally friendly alternative. Toni."

"HI Nadia, Thanks again for my new Pleasure Puss Pads, I have now had a chance to try it out... I found the 'puss' to be lighter and less bulky ... It was certainly more absorbent and I felt very comfortable wearing it. Then came the cleanup ... soaked in cold water and thrown in the wash with everything else it came up without a stain ... it looked brand new again"
H Hodson Australia

"Hi Nadia, it was as if my body knew that something special had arrived. I used the cloth pads last week and they were great especially the soft flannlette one! I am suprised at how much blood comes out of them. There is a bit of extra 'maintenance' work involved - the washing, soaking, squeezing and drying but it's the whole process that is important and integral to our menstral cycle. I feel and my body feels more loved because of this attention. It's not just about having your period and throwing out the used pads. Now it's my monthly ritual! "
P Maul Australia

"I love my Pleasure Puss pads.  They are so easy to wash.  I  bought acontainer to soak them in the bathroom and then straight into the washing machine.  Can't get much easier than that." Sue Johnson

"Hello again. I wanted to give you some feedback on the new Pleasure Puss pads... The PP pads are very absorbent and very reliable. I loved the one you sent me with compliments, the long overnight-type pad. How do I get more of these please?"
M Patterson Australia

"Just wanted to let you know what I thought of my Pleasure Puss Pads. They are staying in place well - it is really nice not to have any accidental bikini waxing from adhesive wings that have come loose. They feel comfortable and I am not getting sweaty and itchy like when I wear disposables"
H Menzies Australia

"Hello Nadia I have just ordered 3 more 'pleasure pusses". The first order did infact arrive just in time. Most of the time I forgot that I was wearing them, they are very comfortable and not irritating to the skin like disposables. I used the plain soaking water, to water my pot plants. Thanks for you brilliant product" A Kirby Queensland

"Dear Nadia - I have now been using Pleasure Puss Pads for over 6 months and I want to tell everyone I meet how good they are! They are comfortable to the point where, when I first started using them I forgot they were there - secure, easy to wash and dry with very little staining, even on the white pads.

They make it very easy to feel that I am doing something positive for the environment and for myself, by choosing to use pads that are safe, economical and better for my health and wellbeing than what was offerred in the past. Hooray for Pleasure Puss"
Michelle Royce / Spiraldancer

"They are great! It's worth the effort and I am happy I found your services. I was growing tired of the disposable pads making me dry and unbalanced. The Pleasure pads made last month very pleasurable. They helped me retain my moisture and balance." S Goldsby NY USA

"I have had the chance to try the pad not long ago. All in all, i found it very comfortable. It was nice waking up after using the maxi pad overnight and find that I didnt smell." Joan

"Hello, I was very happy with lots of things about the pads. I loved the ease of ordering especially since I ordered from Canada. They came quickly with great instructions. They are comfortable and easy to care for. I am trying to convince my friends and family to switch. I researched many other brands but they seemed complicated with different pieces etc. I was wondering if you have panty liner sized ones? I would like to try those also. Thank you so much." P.Vanbeselaere Canada

"I will tell you that I am very happy with my pads.
I had heard great things about the pads and about your customer service. I was so relieved when you answered all of my emails and all of my questions before I even ordered. All of my questions which probably would seem silly to many people (like “are you a real company”?, etc) were answered and you assured me that my order would be ok. And you even gave me the old sale price which I had seen on the site and I hadn’t realized that it expired. I have not encountered anyone more helpful, polite, and all-around fantastic as you have been. This is the type of service that I feel that consumers deserve, and it is definitely what brings customers back.

About the pads: They are so wonderful. They are very comfortable and soft. I especially like the green check cotton poplin pads I bought-they are the thinnest reusable pads I have seen. The extra snap to adjust wing size is very helpful to adjust them with different style underwear. The coverage is wonderful-I have not had any leaks at all. Recommendations: How can you make such an amazing product any better. The only thing I would ask is Are there any plans for different colors in the future, especially for the cotton poplin material? For the cotton poplin material, I would love to see a darker background color with designs or even just a plain darker color (dark red, black, for example) with no designs which would mask any stains. Thank you and I will likely be ordering more pads sometime within the next few months," Shannon

"Yes, the Pleasure Puss pads are great. Soft and comfortable, easy to use, easy to clean. I'm very happy with them--this was my first time using this kind of product, and I'm sure I made the right decision. Thanks very much!" Regina

"I have found the Pleasure Puss Pads very easy to use and clean. They were so comfortable and effective that I will never go back to the old disposables. Being able to order over the internet was a bonus and your efficient delivery completed the package. " V Vladic NSW

"Hi Nadia, I think the Pleasure Puss Pads are terrific. I purchased them because I had a dermalogical issue with regular sanitary products and I have found that the cotton pads are much kinder to my sensitive skin. They are much more absorbent than I thought they would be. Thank you for filling a gap in the market."

"Dear Nadia, Was a bit sceptical when I ordered the Pleasure Puss pads as to whether or not I would use them and a friend of mine thought I was going mad ordering them.  But I can honestly say they are so comfortable, in the past I have used tampons because I have found pads to be so uncomfortable because of the plastic feeling.  I am so pleased with your product, but feeling comfortable during that time of the month has made life that little bit less stressful. Thanks a million, " Melissa


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Using cloth pads is easy...

Using Cloth Pads is Easy

1. Place the pad onto the gusset of panties

2. Wrap the wings around gusset

3. Clip wings together

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