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Click here to find out how much money you spend on disposable menstrual pads


The Body and Earth Friendly Alternative that will save you money!


You don't have to spend a a heap of money on disposables pads that will just be thrown in the garbage because there is a better way.


Introducing ... Pleasure Puss Cloth Menstrual Pads and Panty Liners.


Our pads are a single piece, leakproof, slim profile absorbant cloth pad.


They are:

  • Simple to use - simply place the pad label side down on underwear. Then wrap the wings around your panty gusset and fasten using the press studs.

  • Easy to wash - just soak, wash and dry.

  • Convenient - No need to worry about running out of supplies - with cloth pads in your drawers you always have them whenever you need them.

Pleasure Puss Construction - click for larger image


  • Super absorbent - The ultra thin core and stay dry comfort layer make sure you stay drier, even on your heaviest days.

  • Leakproof layer - protects your clothing so you don't need to worry about leaks.

  • 100% money back guarantee. Try them for 3 months - if you aren't completely satisfied with their performance - return your purchase for a 100% refund (excludes postage).

  • Durable - these solidly constructed pads will last for up to 3 - 5 years as long as you follow the easy care instructions.

  • Available in four sizes, three types of cotton fabrics and many colours

  • Choose the combination of pad sizes and fabrics you need to suit your individual cycle flow.


Pleasure Puss® Cloth Pads will SAVE YOU MONEY because they last for many, many cycles.


16800 Pads or Tampons per Lifetime


The average woman will use an enormous number of disposable pads or tampons over her lifetime. Some estimates say the number is as high as 16,800 pieces. Just take a moment to imagine a pile of pads / tampons that big. Huge isn't it?


Disposables are used once and then thrown out and added to landfill. They take a very long time to break down and release toxic chemicals into the earth.


How much do you spend each year?


Don't know? You can use the calculator below to work out how much disposables are costing you.


Simply enter in your age, how many pads/tampons you use each cycle and the cost of the pads/tampons. Use your tab key to move between the boxes.

Your age?
Number of pads/tampons you use per cycle?
Cost per pad/tampon?

Total number of pads/tampons per lifetime:
Total cost of pads/tampons per lifetime: $$$


It adds up pretty quick and that's money that you could be spending on something else far more enjoyable.


Be kind to yourself and reduce your exposure to chemicals


Disposable pads are pretty plasticky these days. I will agree that they are pretty thin and 'barely there', but the chemicals and gels that provide the superabsorbancy which allows them to be so thin is what can cause irritation and allergies for many women.


Vaginal and genital tissue is very sensitive (much like the skin in our mouths) and can absorb chemicals and toxins at a greater rate than normal skin tissue.






Using cloth pads is easy...

Using Cloth Pads is Easy

1. Place the pad onto the gusset of panties

2. Wrap the wings around gusset

3. Clip wings together

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